Deutsche Post DHL Annual Report 2013

2013 Annual Report

On with the show: DHL ensures every item of clothing makes it to the catwalk on time.



Hot or not: the audience decides in a matter of
seconds whether or not the collection will be a

The latest fashions are not only showcased in
Moscow: the various Fashion Weeks are cause for
about 1,600 events around the globe every year.

DHL provides the fashion industry with logistics
solutions that go above and beyond standard service.

Backstage it’s all hustle and bustle. Out front everyone is hyped up in anticipation. The lights go down and the spotlight goes on – it’s show time. Just a few minutes on the catwalk can make or break whether a new designer collection will be a success or not. Everything has to be perfect. One of the prized pieces not arriving on time is simply unthinkable.

“Buongiorno, Mauro.“ - When Mauro Zardi’s telephone rings, he’s often greeted by staff from well-known designer brands. Mauro is a Fashion Project Manager at DHL Express in Milan. Regardless of whether the shelves of a new boutique need to be filled, garments are required at a fashion show or a dress that is currently on a rack in Milan is urgently needed in Paris, Mauro can find a solution.

“We know exactly what our customers need and handle everything associated with a designer’s collection,” says Mauro. “That involves fashion show logistics as well as fully supplying their shops and picking up remaining stock at the end of the season. We’ve worked with some customers for many years now and offer them services beyond what is standard.”


Fashion experts like Mauro Zardi benefit from the Group’s global express network. More than 250 planes are on standby, ready to travel between the company’s main hubs in Leipzig, Cincinnati and Hong Kong, not to mention the many other hubs around the world. What cannot be transported by air makes the journey by road in one of the 31,000 vehicles that make up the global fleet. And when time is of the essence, Mauro doesn’t hesitate in sending a special courier. This is how DHL ensures that all items reach their destination at the time the customer chooses – regardless of whether it’s within hours, same day or the next day.

DHL offers the fashion market flexible, tailored logistics solutions. Its portfolio is broad and includes the management of global supply chains – from the purchase of materials right through to sales. Services such as special packaging, the safeguarding of goods, customs clearance, warehousing, inventory and returns processing are also available. In order to offer these services, the Group’s forwarding division – DHL Global Forwarding – has, for example, invested in several Fashion and Apparel Centres for Excellence in the Asia Pacific region. The centre’s fashion logistics experts offer services that go well beyond simple transport – for example, warehousing with cutting-edge security systems that guard against theft. What’s more, the Centre of Excellence offers a variety of value-added services such as inventory picking, labelling, visual quality control and repacking.


DHL has been the official logistics partner for Fashion Weeks for six years. It’s the pinnacle of fashion logistics – over the fashion week season, in excess of 700 designers showcase their collections at around 1,600 different events all around the world. An audience of over 800,000 watches this catwalk spectacle live each year. Everything has to go a little faster – with final touches being made to the collections right up to the last minute. What’s more, the items in question are particularly valuable.

Fostering new talent: Yu Amatsu presented his
collection at Berlin Fashion Week in 2013.

“I turn my ideas into clothing. This is how abstract ideas become something that is really tangible. You only get that impression when you touch my clothing and feel the material. I want to take my creations to as many people as possible – and that’s precisely what DHL can help me do.”

Yu Amatsu

Rachelle Sinclair and Fay Ogunbadejo, the design
duo behind the Kahlo label, have secured the DHL
Fashion Expert Scholarship 2013.


DHL not only works with well-known and established designers, the logistics company also supports the next generation. In recent years DHL has held a number of different young designer competitions. Talented individuals have received the opportunity to present their collections in Toronto, Tokyo, Sydney and Moscow and further support was provided as of 2014 with the set-up of an international competition within the framework of the DHL Exported programme. Applications are open to all couturiers who have already established themselves in their domestic markets and have designs on taking on the international scene. But DHL is not only supporting this expanded programme with its logistics expertise, up-and-coming designers will also receive help with financing, searching for new sales partners and accessing the e-commerce market. The competition winner will receive the opportunity to present two consecutive collections to one of the four major fashion markets – Milan, New York, Tokyo or London. It could potentially be just the boost needed to launch an international career.


Yu Amatsu’s story is a prime example of DHL’s commitment to fostering young fashion talent. In 2012, he won the young designer competition in Tokyo and in 2013 he presented his “A Degree Fahrenheit” label at Berlin Fashion Week. Although Yu Amatsu was certainly not an unknown in Japan, DHL helped him to penetrate the international market, understand the customs clearance process and transport his collections. The young designer wishes to meld the best of both worlds from Asia and Europe in his fashions. And who better to bring it all together than a global logistics company with the experience of people like Mauro Zardi – where fashion logistics is the warp and weft of working life.

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2013 Annual Report

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2013 Annual Report

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